Box of Our Beef Primals

Let’s Compare Protein Sources 

@ Sulfur Springs Sale Barn Opportunities June 6, 2022 

Following is a overview of the attributes of  Falster Farm Local Beef Raising, and today’s Sale Barn Prices (which fluctuate.) Our grazing and farming practice is more intense and the results justify it. It’s not for everyone. 




Live Steers  $2.75 per pound.

Special Program called NETBIO

Selling at $1.43 per pound Live Weight

“The Northeast Texas Beef improvement Organization (NETBIO) is a group of independent cow/calf producers and agribusiness representatives working together to enhance the beef industry in Northeast Texas. NETBIO works in conjunction with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Office. These “PREPPED” animals will go to high density Feed Lots for grain finishing immunized against that environment .”

Typical Small Farm drop off w/out NETBIO prepping.

Selling at $1.30 per pound Live Weight

Typical Farm and Ranch steer and heifers carried to the sale barn, raised on grass fields supplemented with cattle cubes (GMO grain) to get some meat on their sides. These too will likely go to commercial high density feed lots for finishing on tons of grain, but w/out anti-biotic etc. prepping. These (and those above) are raised on the basis of their color (black hide) which will fetch a higher price. 

Falster Farm on Pasture 365  ™

$2.75 Live Weight

Grass Fed Red Angus and Hereford cattle

Line bred for tenderness and fattening on grass alone, our Honestly Grass Fed Red Angus and Hereford cattle are a 3.5 – 4.0 (Mid Size) frame score: suitable for Breeding Stock or Gourmet Beef. These are raised on the basis of their tenderness, flavor and nutrient density. Not available on the Grocery aisle, call and come get to know your Certified Naturally Grown Farmer. Sides, Halves and (occasionally) Boxes Available on demand.   

Come See Us

Located mid way between Dallas and Shreveport, some 46 miles North of Tyler, Texas. 

Navigate your map to: “Falster Farm near Winnsboro, Texas”



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