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Because we are a small family farm, we raise a select number of steers to perfection. We are not a commercial producer. We are a boutique family farm with great flexibility and unrivaled quality, but limited resources. We have a passion for personal involvement with the selection process – every animal is special on this place.

We welcome new customers and are delighted to talk you through our simple and satisfaction guaranteed process.

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Some of the best tasting beef and pork you’ll ever have!!! This is what great beef tastes like. No growth hormones, no nitrite preservatives, no crowded high stress feed lots, is it any wonder it tastes so marvelous?

The average side will be about 190 lbs. with a range from 180-225 lbs.  We try our best to accommodate size requests as closely as possible, (you can come and personally select your custom beef or pork – truly locally sourced — but variability in the growing season means we cannot always match your request exactly, reach out to us today.



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