Grass fed Beef East Texas:

Falster Farm on Pasture 365™ Beef is exactly what the name implies, supreme quality heirloom (mid frame score) Red Angus and Hereford beef cattle; born, reared and finished on grass right here in Wood County Texas 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Grass fed Beef™ East Texas means none of our animals are raised in confinement, fed antibiotics, receive hormones, nor force-fed scientifically formulated rations – we never use poisons on our fields. Our animals graze on our Post Oak Savannah grasses in East Texas — lush organic pastures that are Certified Wholistically Grown™ and our beef is Certified Naturally Grown. We achieve beef tenderness and pleasing flavor by our selecting and providing three integral resources: 1. Genetics, 2. Environment, and 3. Animal Welfare.

As our customer, you may select from our three programs to get Honestly Grass fed Beef™ East Texas – Call for Market Pricing 

1ST OPTION –WHOLE SIDES of honestly grass-fed & grass-finished beef.

2ND OPTION – Whole Side with CUSTOM CUTS to your specifications.


1st – A Side of Beef


Bulk Beef:

SLOW FOOD WE ARE. We opened our Certified Naturally Grown farm  in 1989, and are delighted to offer you grass fed livestock ever since. Bulk beef of Sides and whole beef are based on the hanging weight for orders placed with a $250.00 deposit. Our pricing is based on per pound of hanging weight.  we’re committed to giving our customers the best experience possible.

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2nd – Cut & Wrap side


Custom Cuts:

Try our Grass fed Beef East Texas: born, reared and finished on pasture; right here on our farm in East Texas. “Love the selection of a whole beef order, but don’t have the freezer space?” Then our half beef option is the best for you. Great for small families, the variety and cost savings compared to buying individual cuts to feed the whole group are winners. Half beef (side of beef) orders will require the use of a chest or upright freezer, as most traditional refrigerator/freezer combos will not hold this much.  Roughly 8 cubic feet of space required.

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or Family Box


Bulk Beef Box:

Recently, we’ve gotten smaller order requests – family get together and party size orders from  our loyal customers. If you need such a special accommodation, just let us know.  We can provide a 15 – 20 lbs. box of cut and wrapped beef, pork, and Nancy’s famous fermented foods to make your special occasion really special. All strictly Grass fed Beef East Texas.

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“The great thing about Falster Farm is that they work on a small scale – its the level of attention and care taken with each cow, each pasture, and me as a customer – each day on the ranch. It all translates into impeccable, bold-flavored beef, pork & eggs – my customers just love it all. ”
Chef Joanne Bondie “Stocks & Bondy”, Dallas.”


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